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11 /19 2017
Available in Sedona Bridge design and in white, the Toto CST406MF # 01 Rowan 2-piece toilet comes with everything, like the tank system and the bowl itself as a two-piece toilet by Toto. The oval seat makes it comfortable for people who like round toilets and there is also less toilet seat so you can sit comfortably with this toilet.

The tank has a good profile and a clean design, and the toilet also uses a double discharge system to push everything down the drain without much concern. You can save more money and water consumption in the long term due to the fact that the toilet has a dual discharge option for an eco-friendly feature. The vitrified porcelain of this Toto toilet also gives it durability and only consumes 1 gallon per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush in its dual discharge option to obtain the best water saving capabilities.
It also meets the safety and quality measures of Cal Green and comes with everything you need, such as accessories, tank lid, silver push button and other hardware. It also has two basins in its design and is also one of the few toilets that have been certified as energy-saving toilets. It has a 1 year warranty.

Toto toilet with double discharge capacity
The 2-piece toilet TOTO CST416M # 01 Aquia II has a white cotton color but is also available in other colors to match your bathroom configuration and this toilet is a two-piece design so it is much easier to disassemble than a one piece toilet. It also has a double discharge capacity and is made with high quality vitreous china.

The comfortable and regular height of this double-flush toto toilet makes it easy to maintain and sit down. It can be combined with any bathroom accessory, such as bidets and sinks, and comes with all installation hardware needs. It also has a maximum double tank characteristic and double discharge consumes 0.9 gallons per discharge or 1.6 gallons per discharge. He has also been certified by WaterSense to save water and only needs to buy a toilet seat for this Toto toilet.

double flush toto.

consider to buy toilet in the market

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11 /19 2017
Flushing Options
Next on the list of options to look at and choose is the type of flushing mechanism you prefer for your toilet. There are several types of rinse options available. This is one of the best kept secrets on the toilet because most consumers do not realize that there are different flushing options they can choose.

Gravity - This type of flushing mechanism uses natural gravity to dump the tank water into the bowl. This process creates a siphon that then clears the bowl of waste by drawing it into the sewer line. This type of rinse option generally works very well under most conditions.

Electrically assisted - The assisted rinsing mechanisms use an electric motor that brings air pressure into the sealed tank to rid the bowl of waste. The tank of an electric assist flush holds water in the tank which is released under pressure. Power assisted toilets are very common in commercial establishments.

Assisted Pressure - A pressure-assisted flush mechanism has an internally sealed reservoir that fills with water as air pressure builds up. The force behind this pressure produces water that comes out in an explosion and removes waste from the bowl.
Pressure-assisted toilets are noisier than other types, which can be embarrassing, but there is work being done to correct this problem. To work properly, a pressure-assisted flush takes 25 pounds of water pressure per square inch.

Double - A dual flush toilet has the option of a low flush for liquid waste only and a full flush at 1.6 gallons of water for solid waste removal. The problem with the dual flush toilets is that many people would not normally take the time to choose the proper flush for the situation that could result in incomplete removal of toilet waste or wasted water. Toilet with good rinsing efficiency

High Efficiency - A high-efficiency toilet is a great way to save water. They typically use 1.28 gallons of water per flush rather than the 1.6 that is normally used. High performance options are available with many different types of rinses. What makes toilets very efficient is the amount of water used for rinsing, not the flush. If you want to save water, especially if you have a large family, opt for high-efficiency toilets. Each small amount of savings adds up. Buying a high-efficiency toilet can save you a lot of money on your water bill over the course of a year. You would be shocked to know how much water is wasted with each flush.

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Toilet brush Home

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11 /19 2017
Toilet brush set Home-it Chrome toilet brush for tall toilet and brush holder with lid Toilet cleaner
Do you have a tall toilet at home? Do not buy the short handle toilet cleansers available in some stores. Not only will they frustrate you, they will also predispose you to many germs every time you clean the spring from your toilet. We have a better product for you: Home-it Toilet Brush. Perfect for high brushing cleaning, this chrome brush has a long and comfortable handle that makes cleaning fun. It is also stable, easy to maneuver and has soft bristles that clean thoroughly without scratching or damaging the toilets. You will have a lot of fun with this unique bathroom brush.

In terms of appearance, this toilet brush outperforms most comparable 10 to 1 models. It also has a flexible handle that increases its maneuverability and powder coating without chips that protects it from stains and rust. Whether you are looking for a new toilet brush for occasional or daily cleaning, this model never disappoints. It's cheap and very functional. You also get a storage cart (with lid) and a lifetime warranty that covers all your defects. more info:

toilet brush

Compared to some cheap plastic bath brushes, Home-it Toilet Brush is easier to clean. It also has a hygienic and non-porous design that you can enjoy every day. Forget bad odors, mold and bacterial cultures, for example.

Powder coated handle
Excellent reach
Appearance with Chrome themes
Non-porous design
Mold and odor proof
Stylish storage trolley (with lid)
Lifetime warranty
Made of durable steel

Durable portable toilet

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11 /19 2017
If you want to choose the best portable toilet made with stainless steel parts, look no further than the Dometic 301097506 portable toilet with brackets, which comes with high quality stainless steel clamps to keep the toilet in a robust and reliable way. In addition to that, the portable toilet has a total capacity of 5 gallons.

Your overall safety will remain in this portable toilet due to the fact that the locking mechanism of this portable toilet utilizes lateral closures so that the unit remains firm in any situation. In addition to that, the pressurized discharge makes it an effective portable toilet even for the most rigorous and uncomfortable situations. In addition, the rinse works with a button mechanism that is very convenient to use.

The Dometic Stainless Brackets portable toilet is at a height of 16 inches in total and the elegant style, despite the plastic material, makes it durable and elegant in its design. In addition, safety and comfort are among the top priorities of this portable toilet because the seat is very similar to the size of an adult-sized seat in the home. And also, the lid also fits perfectly into this portable toilet so you can keep everything in place with sanitary measures in mind.

When it comes to maintenance, you will not have many problems since the water level in the tank depends on your prismatic tank that can be easily seen for comfort. In addition, it also uses less than 1 liter or 4 liters of consumption, making it a portable toilet that actually saves water to carry your RV or camping needs. The bronzer and the rinse bowl have a long spout for comfort. In addition, it can take 4 to 5 downloads before refilling. Available in two designs: gray and tan, it is super light with only 12 pounds.

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how to choose Low flow toilets

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11 /19 2017
A lot has changed since 1994, when low-flow toilets became the law of the land. Early versions created a bit of a bad smell, because while they were good at saving water (using only 1.6 gallons per flush compared to up to 7 gallons), they were not necessarily good at doing the main job of a toilet.

Current low-flow models do not have those problems. Not only are they much better artists, some also use less water than the federal standard. So, if you're in the market for a new throne, it's worth considering a high-efficiency toilet (HET). You will save a package: according to the EPA, replacing the drinks before 1994 with the new HET will reduce more than $ 90 of your annual service bills. In addition, it will send thousands of gallons less per year down the drain. More info

Search for high performance
The EPA WaterSense label on the box identifies HETs that have been certified by independent laboratories. They are classified according to the Maximum Performance Test (MaP) protocols, which measure the capacity of toilets to eliminate waste. The MaP scores vary from 250 to 1,000, depending on the number of grams that were completely evacuated in a single discharge. The EPA has adopted 350 grams as its minimum yield threshold, and "anything above 500 is very good," says Terry Love, a plumber in the state of Washington who performs his own exhaustive test of low-flow toilets.
Choose a download mechanism

Like standard low-flow toilets, HETs come with different discharge options. The one you choose will depend on how "green" you want to be, how much you are willing to spend and your tolerance for noise. The majority of residential toilets in the US UU They are of gravity, which, as the term implies, depends on the weight of the water that flows into the container to help eliminate waste. Pressure toilets help compress the air in the top of the tank to increase the speed of discharge, so they can do the job with only 0.8 gallons of water. While this turbocharged action creates a powerful color, the loud buzz! You can make small children jump out of their socks. (In a somewhat intuitive way, they also require good water pressure in the home to work properly).

Some low-flow designs, such as the Kohler Hatbox minimalist, so streamlined that it does not even have a tank, are rinsed with the help of an electric pump. While it offers a powerful discharge without noise, unlike a standard toilet that requires electricity, it can make installation more complicated and maintenance more expensive.

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