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11 /01 2017
Las Vegas, NV June 15, 2004 -- The Miracle Seat completely eliminates foul, embarrassing odors emitted during use of the toilet. “It’s the biggest revolutionary leap in bathroom technology since the introduction of indoor toilets, 100 years ago,” said Bill Berdux, spokesman for The Miracle Seat Company. This toilet seat comes equipped with a ventilation fan that removes odors and germs from the toilet bowl before they escape into the bathroom air. Odors and germs are harmlessly vented to the outside of the building through the vented seat.

Modern developments in homes have generally been technological improvements for the kitchen where the microwave oven, garbage disposal and automatic dishwasher have made it easier to cook and clean. Now, the last relic of a more primitive past, foul toilet odor has been eliminated.

According to Mr. Berdux, participants in field tests of the Miracle Seat are surprised at the product’s effectiveness and, once they have used them, they simply will not part with their Miracle Seats. He compares the Miracle Seat with the garbage disposal and the automatic dishwasher. All three products are situated in rooms that are used daily by everyone in a family. All three offer noticeable benefits that become apparent with the first few uses. Berdux sees the Miracle Seat becoming as ubiquitous as the garbage disposal, as consumers discover its benefits.

Many subjects in focus group studies admit to refraining from the use of toilets outside of their own homes in places such as restaurants, offices and even friend’s homes. Whenever possible, they wait until they are home to use their own toilets where they are not embarrassed by the resulting odor or fearful of other people’s germs. Berdux believes that people will quickly start to avoid using toilets that are not equipped with Miracle Seats.

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