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10 /26 2017
Best Bathroom Scale Reviews - The Withings WBS01 Wi-Fi Body Scale is a technological marvel since it uses wi-fi connection to sync important health data such as body fat, body mass index (BMI) and weight readings with your personal health dashboard on your iPad, smartphone (Android-powered or iPhone) or directly on without any time limit and in total confidentiality hence you’ll be able to view graphs and at the same time track your progress so you’ll know whether you’re in good shape or not. This digital bathroom scale comes in black-and-steel design which makes it look good at any home and incorporates 4 sensors which allow it to measure up to 396 pounds in 0.2 pounds increments without any problem. It can also measure fat and muscle mass accurately thus allowing you to know precisely your body fitness level. The Withings WBS01 Wi-Fi Body Scale is such a versatile device since it offers creative ways to help you stay fit such as it allows you to set your weight loss goals and you’ll get weekly report by email, able to print BMI, growth, height and weight graphs for medical records as well as linking up directly with nutritionists or sport coaches’ computers for evaluation. This scale can recognize up to 8 different users automatically hence everyone in the house can use it.
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