What is the best bidet toilet seat for me?

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11 /19 2017
What is the best bidet toilet seat for me? The bidet toilet seat is an amazing little addition to your toilet that dramatically improves your hygiene. Once you have started using this handy gadget, you will surely wonder how you ever did without it.

There are many different bidet toilet seats on the market, so you may be wondering - "what is the best bidet toilet seat for me?" Well, never fear: we're here to help you answer that question. Want to know what is your perfect bidet toilet seat? Just read.

What is the best bidet toilet seat for me?
There are some considerations to take into account here. The two most important are the gender of people living in your household, and whether you prefer your toilet seat bidet to use hot or cold water. Let's take a look at these two considerations in turn.

Bidets for women, bidets for men.
Some bidet toilet seats have a single rear cleaning nozzle. Others have cleaning ability at the back and front. These are designed for use by women, while the former are better for men. So, if you live in a household that is entirely male, then a bidet toilet seat with a back cleaning function is all you need. However, if you live in a mixed or female household, then the bidet toilet seats with dual front and rear cleaning capability are better.

So, what is the best bidet toilet seat for me? If you live with women, or if you are a woman, you may prefer the standard bidet or the ultimate bidet, as they both have two cleaning nozzles. If your household is all male, you may prefer the Deluxe or Bidet Toilet Seat models, as they both have a single rear cleaning nozzle.

The temperature of the water.
The next question to ask is "what is the best bidet toilet seat for me in terms of water temperature?" The bidet seats can use cold water for cleaning, or they can use the Hot water. It belongs to your personal preferences which option you choose.
If you prefer cool water, then basic or standard bidet toilet seats are good bets as their beaks emit only cool water. If you want warmer water, go for the Supreme or Deluxe versions.

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Now you can combine the different options above to suit your needs perfectly. If you live in an exclusively male household and prefer hot water, for example, then the Deluxe model is the ideal choice. 


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