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11 /19 2017
When you go on an adventure, whether hiking, camping, swimming in a boat or similar, you will need access to a toilet. If you are really camping somewhere in the desert or do not feel comfortable with the hygiene of the public toilets that are nearby, a portable toilet is the perfect solution for you. The good is contrary to the popular belief that it is not necessary to break the bank to buy one of its own and it will be much more convenient than trying to find or use a public toilet. I have used 15 different portable toilets that vary both in price and overall quality. Here I will give you my 5 favorite options in ascending order. I will give the reasons why they are some of the best portable toilets and why you should consider them for your next outdoor adventure. This is my turn to find the best portable toilet for you!

The best portable toilet: things to consider
Value for money: I wanted the best value for money, paying more does not necessarily mean you get better quality with a product. I have included a variety of different products that are available at different price points to try to accommodate the different budgets of all while still being of high quality.

Portability: some of these portable toilets can be heavy or impractical, so I've included those at the lightest end of the spectrum to ensure they are as portable as possible.

Odors - I noticed in some of those that I reviewed that are not in this list that the smell inside can tend to escape or to escape, that is something that absolutely do not want. All portable toilets on this list do not have this problem.

Cleaning options: I want one that is easy and simple to clean. It is a very important aspect, since you should do it generally every few days or so. Check here:
Capacity: there are different capacities and quantities that each one can contain. I will continue to discuss what I like about each different size.

Construction and ease of use: I want one that is comfortable to use and made of quality materials.
Hygiene: once again, this is related to the quality of the construction and the unit does not have problems such as leaks, another of my most important factors when choosing the best options.

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