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11 /19 2017
A lot has changed since 1994, when low-flow toilets became the law of the land. Early versions created a bit of a bad smell, because while they were good at saving water (using only 1.6 gallons per flush compared to up to 7 gallons), they were not necessarily good at doing the main job of a toilet.

Current low-flow models do not have those problems. Not only are they much better artists, some also use less water than the federal standard. So, if you're in the market for a new throne, it's worth considering a high-efficiency toilet (HET). You will save a package: according to the EPA, replacing the drinks before 1994 with the new HET will reduce more than $ 90 of your annual service bills. In addition, it will send thousands of gallons less per year down the drain. More info

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The EPA WaterSense label on the box identifies HETs that have been certified by independent laboratories. They are classified according to the Maximum Performance Test (MaP) protocols, which measure the capacity of toilets to eliminate waste. The MaP scores vary from 250 to 1,000, depending on the number of grams that were completely evacuated in a single discharge. The EPA has adopted 350 grams as its minimum yield threshold, and "anything above 500 is very good," says Terry Love, a plumber in the state of Washington who performs his own exhaustive test of low-flow toilets.
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Like standard low-flow toilets, HETs come with different discharge options. The one you choose will depend on how "green" you want to be, how much you are willing to spend and your tolerance for noise. The majority of residential toilets in the US UU They are of gravity, which, as the term implies, depends on the weight of the water that flows into the container to help eliminate waste. Pressure toilets help compress the air in the top of the tank to increase the speed of discharge, so they can do the job with only 0.8 gallons of water. While this turbocharged action creates a powerful color, the loud buzz! You can make small children jump out of their socks. (In a somewhat intuitive way, they also require good water pressure in the home to work properly).

Some low-flow designs, such as the Kohler Hatbox minimalist, so streamlined that it does not even have a tank, are rinsed with the help of an electric pump. While it offers a powerful discharge without noise, unlike a standard toilet that requires electricity, it can make installation more complicated and maintenance more expensive.

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