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11 /19 2017
If you want to choose the best portable toilet made with stainless steel parts, look no further than the Dometic 301097506 portable toilet with brackets, which comes with high quality stainless steel clamps to keep the toilet in a robust and reliable way. In addition to that, the portable toilet has a total capacity of 5 gallons.

Your overall safety will remain in this portable toilet due to the fact that the locking mechanism of this portable toilet utilizes lateral closures so that the unit remains firm in any situation. In addition to that, the pressurized discharge makes it an effective portable toilet even for the most rigorous and uncomfortable situations. In addition, the rinse works with a button mechanism that is very convenient to use.

The Dometic Stainless Brackets portable toilet is at a height of 16 inches in total and the elegant style, despite the plastic material, makes it durable and elegant in its design. In addition, safety and comfort are among the top priorities of this portable toilet because the seat is very similar to the size of an adult-sized seat in the home. And also, the lid also fits perfectly into this portable toilet so you can keep everything in place with sanitary measures in mind.

When it comes to maintenance, you will not have many problems since the water level in the tank depends on your prismatic tank that can be easily seen for comfort. In addition, it also uses less than 1 liter or 4 liters of consumption, making it a portable toilet that actually saves water to carry your RV or camping needs. The bronzer and the rinse bowl have a long spout for comfort. In addition, it can take 4 to 5 downloads before refilling. Available in two designs: gray and tan, it is super light with only 12 pounds.

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