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11 /19 2017
Toilet brush set Home-it Chrome toilet brush for tall toilet and brush holder with lid Toilet cleaner
Do you have a tall toilet at home? Do not buy the short handle toilet cleansers available in some stores. Not only will they frustrate you, they will also predispose you to many germs every time you clean the spring from your toilet. We have a better product for you: Home-it Toilet Brush. Perfect for high brushing cleaning, this chrome brush has a long and comfortable handle that makes cleaning fun. It is also stable, easy to maneuver and has soft bristles that clean thoroughly without scratching or damaging the toilets. You will have a lot of fun with this unique bathroom brush.

In terms of appearance, this toilet brush outperforms most comparable 10 to 1 models. It also has a flexible handle that increases its maneuverability and powder coating without chips that protects it from stains and rust. Whether you are looking for a new toilet brush for occasional or daily cleaning, this model never disappoints. It's cheap and very functional. You also get a storage cart (with lid) and a lifetime warranty that covers all your defects. more info:

toilet brush

Compared to some cheap plastic bath brushes, Home-it Toilet Brush is easier to clean. It also has a hygienic and non-porous design that you can enjoy every day. Forget bad odors, mold and bacterial cultures, for example.

Powder coated handle
Excellent reach
Appearance with Chrome themes
Non-porous design
Mold and odor proof
Stylish storage trolley (with lid)
Lifetime warranty
Made of durable steel


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