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11 /19 2017
Available in Sedona Bridge design and in white, the Toto CST406MF # 01 Rowan 2-piece toilet comes with everything, like the tank system and the bowl itself as a two-piece toilet by Toto. The oval seat makes it comfortable for people who like round toilets and there is also less toilet seat so you can sit comfortably with this toilet.

The tank has a good profile and a clean design, and the toilet also uses a double discharge system to push everything down the drain without much concern. You can save more money and water consumption in the long term due to the fact that the toilet has a dual discharge option for an eco-friendly feature. The vitrified porcelain of this Toto toilet also gives it durability and only consumes 1 gallon per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush in its dual discharge option to obtain the best water saving capabilities.
It also meets the safety and quality measures of Cal Green and comes with everything you need, such as accessories, tank lid, silver push button and other hardware. It also has two basins in its design and is also one of the few toilets that have been certified as energy-saving toilets. It has a 1 year warranty.

Toto toilet with double discharge capacity
The 2-piece toilet TOTO CST416M # 01 Aquia II has a white cotton color but is also available in other colors to match your bathroom configuration and this toilet is a two-piece design so it is much easier to disassemble than a one piece toilet. It also has a double discharge capacity and is made with high quality vitreous china.

The comfortable and regular height of this double-flush toto toilet makes it easy to maintain and sit down. It can be combined with any bathroom accessory, such as bidets and sinks, and comes with all installation hardware needs. It also has a maximum double tank characteristic and double discharge consumes 0.9 gallons per discharge or 1.6 gallons per discharge. He has also been certified by WaterSense to save water and only needs to buy a toilet seat for this Toto toilet.

double flush toto.


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