Benefits Of Brushed Nickel Faucets

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10 /26 2017
One of the best aspects of brushed nickel coating, and why so many companies use it, is that it can be an applied finished over almost any type of metal. This allows almost any kind of bathroom, no matter the age, style, or appearance to be viable for a brushed nickel makeover. Furthermore brushed nickel is known for its longevity. Expect, for example, brushed nickel bathroom fixtures and brushed nickel bathroom accessories to remain unscratched and untarnished for many years.

Brushed nickel, although can be applied to many different products, is most popular on bathroom faucets. The reasons for this are very straightforward. The style of brushed nickel on bathroom faucets is a very popular one. This is due to the very aesthetic and post-modern appeal it generates. Nickel bathroom faucets are a very European design: they have a tall spout height, are very durable, smooth and concise, and have a single lever handle. This look doesn’t just have a good physical appearance but is also effective in design. The tall spout height is a perfect match for ‘taller’ bathroom – such as bathrooms with large showers – and, further, allows for any type of American plumbing.

Another great aspect of brushed nickel bathtub faucets is how easy they are to clean. The brushed nickel applied finished isn’t just used for material efficiency but also for how easy it is to clean. A quick wipe with any brand of washcloth can effectively clean the faucets.

The height of the faucet, besides matching certain kind of bathroom styles, is also beneficial for its height above the sink. By being a foot tall, the faucet handles are high enough above the sink that, in order to turn the water on or off, anyone using it won’t have to get their hands wet. Although this may not seem like something worth noting, this is a great advantage when cleaning.

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