What exactly does a bidet seat do? How do I use it?

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10 /26 2017
Toilet bidet seats are an economical way to have a bidet in your home. These are simply seats that attach to your existing toilet. They require no extra plumbing and work very well. This is much less expensive than having a whole bidet installed.
Bidets are the preferred method of washing after using the restroom throughout the world. They use a stream of water to clean instead of toilet paper. They are commonly found throughout Europe in homes, hotels, and restaurants. They are also quite popular in Asia and found in the Middle East and South America. They are more hygienic then using toilet paper. They work by using a stream of water to clean you. That is more effective at reducing chances of bacteria germinating then when using toilet paper. Toilet paper can actually spread the bacteria instead of cleaning it away. Using a bidet is also eco-friendly because it uses less toilet paper creating less waste.

A toilet bidet seat works by extending a self-cleaning wash nozzle from the back of the seat. While you sit on it a stream of water comes up to clean you. Everything is controlled by the buttons so it is hands free. The nozzle moves so you can have a posterior wash or a frontal wash. The seat has adjustable water temperature and adjustable water pressure. You can also choose a water pulsation feature or a message cleaning setting. Once you are done cleaning you can use the warm air drier to finish.
Toilet bidet seats are easy to install. They come with an owner’s manual that includes very clear instructions on installation, perfect for any do it yourselfer. First you need to remove the existing toilet seat for you home toilet. You will see to holes where the seat was attached. Place the mounting bracket over the two holes. Then place the guide rails inside the bracket. Insert bolts through the holes and place nuts on the underside of the bolts. Turn off the water intake with the valve on the hose in back of the toilet. Unscrew the hose and put on the T connection. Reconnect the hose to the top end of the T connection. Secure the second hose to the other opening. This hose attaches to the bidet. Turn back on the water intake. It is now ready for use.
With a toilet bidet seat you will have a hygienic, eco-friendly way to clean after restroom use. All controlled by the touch of a button for a hands free experience.

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