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10 /26 2017
Wood toilet seats not only look good they feel good too! We are all looking for good style and comfort so why not improve your bathroom experience by installing a wooden toilet seat. For a full range of natural wood toilet seats see Select Toilet seats.
There are a number of different ways that wood toilet seats are made. The traditional way is to use solid pieces of timber. These hard wood toilet seats are made to last. Dark oak and golden oak and light oak are very popular finishes for hardwood toilet seats You can make a seat from just one piece of wood straight from the tree. However, often a number of wood sections are used. These are then glued together to form the seat. These are just as strong as the one piece versions but allow for selected pieces of wood to be used that are free from imperfections.

The type of wood used can affect the result that is achieved. Most people are interested in the colour that they are going to get. Wood comes in a variety of natural colours from light oaks to dark rich oaks. There is also the option of staining the wood too. Light coloured woods are easily stained to produce a variety of effects such as deep dark cherry colours, dark browns or even dark black ebony. Choosing a wood colour allows you to match up the wood toilet seat to your other furniture. Pine has always been popular for this reason. There are lots of natural wood finishes to choose from.
In terms of hygiene closer grain woods such as those in hardwood toilet seats provide fewer gaps for bacteria to collect. Having said that, the other woods with wider grains are sealed and polished to give very smooth surfaces, which once again prevent bugs from getting trapped in them.

More modern ways of dealing with wood have produced a number of other toilet seat options. These are often cheaper to produce but still look good. Cheaper cuts of wood or smaller blocks can be glued together to form the seat. This can then be covered in a very thin layer of high quality wood called a veneer. The veneers can come from just about any kind of wood and they are selected to give high quality finishes. The wood veneer of the toilet seat is the only thing that you see so these combine good looks with solid construction at a price that is affordable.

You can even get supersized wood toilet seats for extra strength and support. These have a massive 1 inch thickness of wood and can be obtained in a number of different finishes

Another method is to use wood chips or wood pulp. These are mixed with glue and then molded into the shape that is needed. These MDF toilet seats give a very strong consistent structure. Just look at the silver and golden versions illustrated. Molded wood toilet seats can be veneered, painted or possibly just stained to give rich colour tones. Again this can give fantastic looking products at an affordable price. Molding the toilet seats in this way also allows for complex looking sculptured designs to be made which would be very expensive if they had to be painstakingly carved into solid wood to get the same effect.

Painted wood toilet seats are also popular. Once again this gives a tough resilient surface to the seat and also extends the range of colours that can be produced. Just look at the super pink painted hardwood example above. The toughest surfaces are produced using enamel. This can make it easier to match up the toilet seat to the rest of the bathroom furniture.
When selecting your toilet seat you should also have an eye on the toilet accessories that are available. They can be matched to wood toilet brushes, brush holders and toilet roll dispensers. Hinges and toilet handles also need to be selected and matched to your bathroom fittings. Dark woods tend to go very well with brass accessories and fittings. For toilet seats there are lots of natural wood finishes to choose from. Check this reference http://toiletrated.com/best-toilet-seat/.
Toilets and Toilet seats have gone through many design changes over the years. Wood has always been the material of choice. However, modern materials such as plastic have allowed for huge range of new designs to be produced. You can find more information by looking at the history of toilets.
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