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10 /26 2017
If you want a high-tech way of getting on the scale to see how far you have gotten in your diet so far, you will like the Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale (List Price: $49.95)because it seeks to give you a near accurate number on how much you currently weigh and it is affordable with a list price below 50 bucks. It has a blue LED light that makes it easy to see even in rooms with dimmed or no light. This scale is portable and is durable.

Accurate Weight Measurements
With the old-schoolbathroom scales that resembled a schoolroom clock, it was sometimes tricky to get an accurate weight measurement because the needle wouldn’t always go exactly on the number but rather in between numbers, causing frustration at times. But with the Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale (List Price: $49.95), the accuracy is much better and it doesn’t give out easily like the traditional bathroom scale. This was one of the things that customers liked the most.
Beautifully Designed
Another good thing about the Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is the attractive design, and this scale blends well with a home that has a contemporary or futuristic design. This scale comes in colors black, white, beige and even yellow. It is sleek in design and it isn’t hard to clean spills off of. Some customers have even repainted the scale and pasted fabric pieces on the scale for extra flair.
Simple to Use
You don’t have to worry about following complex instructions with this bathroom scale because it is easy to use and although sometimes you have to tap it a little to get it started occasionally, overall it’s easy to use. All you have to do is step on the scale and your accurate weight shows up on the screen.
The price for this scale is less than most of its competition and this is another reason why some customers are pleased with the scale. In addition, you may be able to pay a cheaper price for this scale by visiting different online retailers and looking for different discounts. Local home furnishings stores sometimes have bargains on the scale while some mail-order catalogs have discounts on the scale. If you are attending a garage sale or flea market, there is a small chance that you can find this scale at even lower prices.
General Tips on Reading Digital Bathroom Scales
When you get on the Eatsmart Digital Precision Bathroom Scale (List Price: $49.95), you want to stand with a your feet two inches apart, and wear lightweight clothing whenever you get on the scale so you can get a more accurate calculation of your weight.
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